Hydropower accounts for more than 95 per cent of worldwide energy storage capacity. By absorbing surplus electricity and supplying it when needed, hydropower is seen as an enabler of variable renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.
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Clean energy from water

Hydropower key trends

Every year CNC TVAR delivers about 300 runners for the world’s largest source of clean electricity generation. Hydropower is an enabler of other renewable energy sources while providing vital services to manage water and mitigate climate change.

The electricity generation from hydropower reached an estimated 4,185 TWh in 2017, the highest ever contribution from a renewable energy source.

A total of 21.9 GW of hydropower capacity was put into operation in 2018, including pumped storage, bringing the world’s total installed capacity to 1,267 GW.

We played a signifficant role in that as the biggest producer of hydro turbine rotors worldwide.

Clean, affordable and reliable energy

Enabling solar, wind and other renewables

Responsibly managed freshwater

Protecting from floods and drought

Boost to economic growth and jobs

Avoiding pollutants and emissions

Improved infrastructure and waterway

Enhancing cooperation between countries

Community investments in rural areas

Recreational activities and tourism

Share of global electricity generation

Hydropower is the world’s largest source of renewable electricity generation

Source: IHA report 2018



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