Together with our customers and partners we contribute to Paris agreement on climate change by working for a decarbonized future through implementation of environmental strategies enabling us to lower the emissions polluting our planet.
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Environmental friendly business solutions

CNC TVAR brings innovative solutions and services to provide world essential and renewable energy infrastructure. Together with our customers, suppliers and partners we are building the carbon free path. We are considering environmental influences as part of our Business Plans and show social responsibility in all aspects of our Operations and Project executions.


CNC TVAR is a strong, active employer in the region of Liberec, Czech Republic.

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Responsibility to our region and global environment is one of the fundations stones of our company.

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100% of unused stainless steel or aluminium material is being fully recycled.

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We create products leaving their marks on the world instead of the planet.

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Together with our partners we strive to create a carbonless environment.

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Education has a key role to play in addressing environmental challenges.

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Responsibility to our People

Strong and active employer in the region

CNC TVAR is a family-owned company and that is how we feel towards all our employees. We fulfill all of the following major EU requirements regarding usage and management of water, air, waste and chemicals, so that our people work in the cleanest possible environment.

• There are currently more than 150 employees in the Czech Republic
• Average length of employment: 7 years

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Responsibility to our Region

Low emission thinking in every step

CNC TVAR strictly adheres to a comprehensive program of environmentally responsible business practices and manufacturing procedures that comply with all major EU standards and legislation.

Our technologies are regularly submitted for voluntary audit by accredited laboratories and organizations to ensure appropriate compliance levels and guarantee safe working conditions for our employees worldwide.

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Responsible recycling program

We are using materials for sustainable future

To build a sustainable future, the materials, especially metals we use play a crucial role.

STAINLESS STEEL is non-degradable and 100% recyclable. Therefore, it is recycled to produce more steel and this process goes on indefinitely. The material is made of nickel, iron, chromium, and molybdenum among other raw materials. These metals are high in demand and therefore stainless steel has high capture rates. Despite extremely high recapture rates, the demand for stainless steel is on the rise, which is an excellent trend because it helps to ensure that the new stainless steel that goes into production today will be recycled in the future.

ALUMINIUM is one of the most recycled and most recyclable materials on the market today. Nearly 75 percent of all aluminum is still in use today. Aluminum can be recycled directly back into itself over and over again in a true closed loop.

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Low impact products with high performance

Product quality for longer product lifetime

Just as much as we care about recyclability of materials we use for manufacturing, we care about quality of our products. There is a direct connection between the quality we create and the life cycle of the product.

Over the years of experience in hydro, marine or oil & gas industry we recognized the real value of quality with no exceptions. Thanks to innovative approach we created detailed manufacturing process standards ensuring no product flaws.

The importance of perfectionism through the whole project phase is the key to an ideal product with a maximum performance for the longest time possible.

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Greener manufacturing for world-class products

The right supply chain is integral to reducing our carbon footprint on our planet

It all starts with a responsible sourcing where our suppliers not only have implemented environmental management systems certified in accordance with ISO 14001, but usually go well beyond mere compliance with the applicable standards and legislation, by implementing their own higher targets and procedures.

Our main customers focus on green sustainable energy, or at least on producing full power with less emissions. Since our business focuses on hydro turbines, in the last decades we helped in more then 2.500 cases to build a greener and more sustainable energy sources as well as we have helped increasing efficiency of many other plants in order to reduce their environmental footprint.

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The future is in our hands

We do our best to teach our next generations about their role in planet`s environment

Individual and collective human actions have put immense strain on the planet and the life forms it supports. Since humanity is clearly contributing to environmental degradation, rapid biodiversity loss and climate change, its actions must also provide the solutions to these challenges.

Education can play a major part in the required transformation into more environmentally sustainable societies, in concert with initiatives from government, civil society and the private sector. Education shapes values and perspectives. It also contributes to the development of skills, concepts and tools that can be used to reduce or stop unsustainable practices.

Sustainability practices continue outside of school: Several surveys reported that over 40% of global executives thought it important for their companies to align sustainability with their business.

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Forward thinking energy solutions preserving planet`s beauty

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