In the last decades CNC TVAR has developed into one of the major European third party suppliers able to provide high precision machining of large and complexly shaped parts. Since the very beginningwe have focused on power industry and moulds and tools. Both these sectors are very demanding in many ways. This fact is driving our continuous improvement.

We are one of the biggest independent machining workshops focused on power industry and production of moulds and tools.
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State-of-art machinery

Partners in five axis machining of components with complex design

Great machines are just the foundation – it is not too difficult to buy them. Yet it takes a lot of experience to run them effectively and succeed in todayʼs business environment.

We never stop improving - cooperation with the best suppliers of machining equipment, tools and software enables us to maximally benefit from our most up to date technology. Partnership with universities, technical consul- tants and customers provides us valuable feedback for makingour core competence even better. Our extensive know-how, experienced employees, state of the art machines and efficient process planning allows us to achieve:

  • Short lead time
  • Machining parts of up to 60 t (raw material weight
  • Diameter up to 3.500 mm
  • Machine precision 0,01mm
  • Stainless steel, TItanium, Aluminium or any other steel material



DMU 210P / 95






DMU 340P

Partners for sustainable energy

When we started the Company back in 2007, our goal was to provide comprehensive service and excellent customer care in the machining of custom parts for various applications. We have machines, experience and know-how, however, the most significant role in our success story play our customers. They have put their trust in us, helped us to develop and challenged us in many ways.

We have learned the true value of partnership - our customers helped us grow, and we believe that we have contributed to their success as well.

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