We balance all rotors up to 3,200mm in diameter and maximum weight of 10 tonnes. The balancing service includes unbalance correction and complete report.
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Balancing of rotors of all kind

Technical description of the balancing machine

The balancing machine has been developed and manufactured by the Italian company CEMB. The main specification and application limitsare given below:

  • Model ZB8000/G/GV
  • Unbalance display for static, couple and dynamic
  • Max. rotation diameter 3,200 mm/max. width 1,200 mm
  • Max. rotation diameter 1,900mm/max. width 6,000 mm
  • Weight of the rotor up to 10tonnes
  • Indication of unbalances 0.5 g*mm/kg
  • Balancing speed from 100 to 2,400 rpm

Indication of unbalance

The actual unbalance is displayed in one or two planes by graphical and numerical output. There is also a deviation from the allowed unbalance displayed and a suggestion for the most convenient weight correction (mass addition or reduction at specific angle and radius).

Unbalance correction

An inherent part of the balancing process is the weight correction design and verification of the performed correction. We offer weight reduction by drilling holes or grinding of defined areas as well as mass addition by welding or mechanical counterweight assembly.

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