Complete service to our customer with global footprint in all branches.


Expertise in raw materials, Cooperation with best forging suppliers, State of the art CNC Machines, High precision grinding and polishing, Several accurancy and quality checks during proces, balancing and complete set of final inspection tests makes from us GLOBAL LEADER in Hydro Turbins production


for EPS (Polystyrene), EPP (Polypropylene), PUR (Polyurethane) and Rubber … Belonging to European high-end supplier of tool solution for mentioned materials. Designing, Consultation, Quick Response, High Quality, Perfect solution.

Since 2007 we have been producing tools for most of European moulders. Many parts from our tools are used in automotive branch, HVAC, sport and leisure activities, containers and other packaings.

Thanks of our huge customer portfolio we understand very well your machines and your processes.


We start, where most of the companies end – our large machines and unique technologies developed with customers from other demanding industries allow us to machine the impelers of the sizes and shapes that others cannot.

Whether it is stainless steel, titanium or special alloys, we have the know-how to machine it. Production from monoblock material eliminates the necessity of welding or other assembly methods.

Speed, Quality and Reliability

Speed is our strength. Quick communication, Rapid implementation, obviously at proven CNC Tvar quality standards, often decides whether your project will be a success or a failure. The thorough development and production management as well as the high level of manufacturing penetration – everything from one single source – allows us to find and implement solutions within the shortest of time.

We would like to express our sincere thank you to our customers for their trust and express the support and thanks to the authorities and partners.

We will continue to provide you with the most professional services and are looking forward to many further successful years!

About Us

What has started in 2007 literally in a garage has developed into one of the major European third party supplier able to provide high precision machining of large and complexly
shaped parts.

Since the early beginning the company has focused on the energy and automotive sectors, which are very demanding in many ways. This fact is driving our continuous improvement.

We highly recognize the value of our employees and place great emphasis on the selection, development, support and continuous expansion of their skills, experience and working

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