In the last decades CNC TVAR has developed into one of the major European third party suppliers able to provide high precision machining of large and complexly shaped parts. Since the very beginningwe have focused on moulds and tools, which is a very demanding in many ways and we realize how important is the cooperation between CAD design team, assembly team and our customer. This fact is driving our continuous improvement.
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Experience in motion

Our assembly team can handle any mould or control jig design

Mold assembly is one of the most critical steps of mold making procedure, all the parts machined or purchased need to be put together and required to be work functionality. Mold assembly job requires comprehensive understanding of mold structure as well as molding process. Quality of mold assembly determines the mold precision, productivity.

  • Surface polishining
  • Sharp edges control
  • Assembly of all parts
  • Mechanism functionality control
  • Scanner control



moulds assembled yearly



customers wolrdwide



maximum individual component size

Partners for mold making

Tell us what your part should look like and we will take care of the rest. During the design of the tool we focus on all the details that influence the reliability, ease of use and life time of the moulds. To ensure that our customers' needs are understood and their requirements fully met, we design, machine and assemble everything in-house.

With our machinery, every cavity can be made from a mono-block, no matter the size of the piece you need to be produced.

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