The world is changing rapidly, as is the shipping industry. There is an increased focus on boosting the green image of shipping, as well as improving efficiency through innovative machining technologies. The commercial shipping industry has constantly been evolving with a lot of pushes for innovations.
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Going green thanks to efficiency

Marine industry trends

Just like it is in most industries today, and even in many facets of everyday life, there is an increasing focus on environmental friendliness. As the ships get larger and more efficient, there is also continuous innovation that focuses on reducing the environmental footprint of container ships.

Various improvements are being made to reduce carbon and sulfur emissions, and also to improve the performance of propellers and engines. These innovations are just the beginning of the green revolution in commercial shipping, as even more advanced innovations are in the works for a more environmentally friendly industry.

Our customers are looking for the best pump efficiency on the market for all operational profiles and purposes. We supply the very best quality of impellers for waterjets with a power up to 36.000kW. The waterjet technology comes with a reduction in mounting flange diameter, overall weight reduction and a extreme increase in cavitation margin compared to classic propeller solutions. That all comes together with the highest possible efficiency while reducing the environmental impact by lowering noise levels and extending the product life cycle.







Runners according to your design

Forged or casted monoblock impellers from CNC TVAR

Rotor is the heart of any prosulsor. It is a center of the suction. Close attention to design of blade angles at inlet and outlet is necessary, as these are major parameters affecting power production. We understand how important it is to have a perfect surface to avoid cavitation in the high speed rotation. This is why CNC TVAR manufactures all runners from forged blocks or high quality castings consisting of premium alloys no matter the number of blades, size, or rotor design. We understand the need for the highest possible efficiency and make sure, it is not just on the paper. Thus, CNC TVAR provides a long-lasting, high-quality product.

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